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Depredation Services

If you or someone you know in the Far West is having a problem with animal control, we may be able to help. ScopedIn has a small unit of hunters who can help you control your problem. We will help you understand your rights and options as a landowner, and work with you to form a plan for easing your problem.

Our services include treatment for the following animals:

  • wild boar
  • bobcat
  • coyote
  • ground squirrels
  • crows

(Some species identified above may be hunted only during designated seasons.)

Our hunters are responsible, mature individuals who will treat your property with respect, work within the limits of the law (including the use of environmentally complaint ammunition in areas such as California’s condor zones), and keep the safety of you and your neighbors as the highest priority. We are NRA members and our staff includes certified hunting and firearms safety instructors.

If you’re interested in discussing our services, please drop us a line at:

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