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Footwear (Danner Boots, Lorpen Socks)

Give yourself two fewer things to worry about.

The importance of showing your feet a good time while hunting simply cannot be overstated. My grandfather, a major fan of the outdoors for much of the 20th century, used to say that if your head or feet didn’t feel good, you’d feel lousy all over. As he was about most things, he was right about this — if your feet are hurting, the rest of the body is likely to go on a sympathy strike and make a hunting trip simply miserable. It’s probably safe to say that your footwear is the most important of all your hunting clothing, so it pays to invest wisely here.

Hunting boots

The best hunting boots I’ve found — bar none — come from a company called Danner Boots. I own a pair of their Sierra model (pictured here). The particular model I got are lined with 200 grams of Thinsulate. I wore these on a hunt in about 20° weather, and my feet never felt better. These boots needed zero break-in, are 100% waterproof, and — best of all for me — actually come in a narrow width (something I struggle to find even in street shoes).


I bet you think there isn’t much you can say about socks, right? Well, this might be true for most of us, but not for the folks at Lorpen, a small company in Etxalar, Spain that specializes in what they refer to as “innovative technical socks.” Lorpen seems to take this subject pretty seriously; they offer a catalog from their web site that is 66 pages long (see for yourself; I am not making this up.

I tested a pair of their HEP (Hunting Extreme Primaloft) socks, and came away favorably impressed. The Primaloft yarn is soft, yet retains its shape nicely. Insulation is wonderful, as is moisture absorption. They’re the best protection for your feet during a long day in the elements. Invest in a couple of pairs; aren’t your feet worth it?

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