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5.11 Tactical Clothing

Suitable for covert carry, yet practical for every day.

For whatever reason, 5.11 Tactical of Modesto, CA, is one of the better-kept secrets in the firearms clothing community. While some of their product line is specifically targeted at the Law Enforcement community, most of their clothing is entirely appropriate for civilian wear. And, if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area that permits concealed carry, you’ll find their covert carry clothing especially interesting.


5.11 offers several lines of shirts, two of which we’ll cover here. Their covert shirt line includes products for casual as well as dress wear. These shirts feature hidden inner pockets at the chest level. These pockets are easily accessed because the shirt is actually fastened by snaps (the placket of the shirt features false buttons) that give way when the wearer reaches inside the shirt. Velcro keeps the contents of the inner pockets secure, yet provides quick access. The dress shirt I reviewed also had pockets on both sides, which is especially nice for a left-handed shooter like me.

The 5.11 tactical shirt is a functional alternative to the covert shirt line. These shirts feature hidden inner pockets as well as a whole slew of outer pockets. The shirt pictured is made of 100% cotton and is quite comfortable, with or without a concealed arm. And, like the covert shirts, the tactical shirts are suitable for everyday inconspicuous wear.

Tactical Pants

I learned of 5.11’s tactical pants (and indeed, the company itself) through the NRA online store. As a rangemaster and general knockaround guy, I need pants that will endure more than a bit of abuse. I personally favor khakis over jeans, because the pockets are easier to get to.

5.11’s tactical pants are made of 8.5 ounce (I don’t know exactly what that means, but it’s tough stuff) canvas cotton. They’re thick, reinforced in all the right places, and fit well. A plethora of pockets allows me to keep stuff organized and readily available. I recommend the 5.11 tactical belt to go with the pants – they’re made of spun nylon and feature a heavy aluminum buckle that will support your weight. These pants have become part of my daily mufti.

Sabre Jacket

5.11 also makes a bunch of good-looking performance outerwear. For this article, I chose the Sabre Jacket. The Sabre is lightweight, weatherproof and has some thoughtful features for those who carry a gun. The jacket has both internal and external chest pockets, and side zippers to facilitate holster access. The shell is micro-fiber and is fleece lined. Again, this is a jacket that doesn’t scream “tactical” and can be worn anywhere.


5.11 tactical has a comprehensive line of clothing suitable for anyone with an active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle. It’s especially appropriate for wear at the rifle range or when carrying a firearm. Their products are affordable, sturdy, comfortable and easy on the eyes. What’s not to like? I expect to wear their products for a long time.

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