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SACS Cleaning Kit

Gun cleaning has never been easier

For those of us who enjoy bench shooting for its own sake, one of the bigger hassles is keeping your gun’s bore clean during lengthy shooting sessions. While the purists insist that their accuracy is maintained by cleaning after every few shots, most of us will at least agree that accuracy begins to suffer after 15-20 shots. In the past, the only way to solve this problem was to lug a box full of brushes, jags and mops, along with some unwieldy full-length rods, to the range. But an innovative new product has changed all that.

The SACS kit, offered by Lanigan Performance Products is a gun cleaning system that is compact enough to take with you virtually anywhere. This CO2-based system is infinitely more convenient than traditional cleaning tools. And…it actually works.

When I first saw this product at the 2008 SHOT show, I was a bit skeptical — it was hard to imagine how something that operates so quickly could be effective. After all, gun cleaning is supposed to be hard work. Even though the demo at the show was impressive, I wanted to try it out myself. So, I did: upon returning home from the show, I ordered a kit and promptly took it to the range with my Ruger #1.

The above photo shows the components of the SACS kit:

  1. the body of the cleaning unit. the black lever is what actuates the CO2 charge.
  2. replacement CO2 cartridge
  3. adaptor. Notice the O-ring on the upper part of the arm. This ring is what provided a decent seal in your chamber.
  4. cartridge-specific adaptor. Some cartridge chambers are too deep for the ordinary adaptors to reach. For these cartridges (such as the 7mm Remington magnum shown), a special adaptor is necessary.
  5. cleaning wad. this is made of polymer and is stiff enough to scrub your bore, but not hard enough to scratch it.
  6. KG Coatings’ Carbon Remover. A complete review of KG Coatings’ excellent gun-care products can be found elsewhere on this site.

Using the SACS is very simple: you just stuff one of the cleaning wads into the end of the adaptor, put a few drops of KG-1 on the wad, slide the adaptor into the chamber until the O-ring makes a decent seal, and trigger the CO2blast. The wad is blown through the bore, cleaning as it goes and taking the debris with it. A second wad can be coated with oil (or copper-fouling remover) and similarly used. That’s it – your bore has just been cleaned in 15 seconds.

To say that I was impressed with the results would be an understatement. A single pass with this system removed all of the carbon from the bore and left it nice and shiny. It almost seemed that there should be more to do.

The question remains as to how the SACS would work on a truly fouled bore, one that has endured over 100 firings over the course of several months. Since I never let my guns get that dirty, I can’t attest to its effectiveness in such an extreme case, but I imagine that it might take a second or third application. The SACS is so convenient, however, that this should be a non-issue: there’s simply no reason anymore to let a gun get this dirty.

The SACS kit is a bona-fide breakthrough in cleaning guns. It is effective, efficient and amazingly affordable. With the right adaptors, it will also work on any bore from a .17 to a 12-gauge, and everything in between. It has joined the “essential” items in my range bag.

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