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Revision Sawfly-TX Eye Protection

Comfortable, Versatile, and Unobtrusive

Yeah, yeah…I know –– the world is filled with different brands of “performance eyewear.” I get catalogs all the time from major suppliers, showing me hundreds of options for covering my eyes, and all suggesting that buying their eyewear will magically cause me to lose 20 years and 10 pounds, and gain lots of beautiful girls. We’ve all been around this tree before. So: who needs another entry into this market?

Well, evidently, the US military did. Revision Eyewear of Essex Junction, VT, worked with US Military Special Operations Forces to define their needs in a next-generation product for eye protection. The result was the Sawfly-TX, a slick pair of shades that offers protection from much, much more than sunlight, in a comfortable, lightweight package.

The first thing I liked about the Sawfly-TX is that it is truly a complete wrap-around design. When you put these on, very little light manages to get in around the corners, so distracting glare is essentially eliminated. I also liked the fact that they actually fit me. Revision offers this eyewear in two sizes. I chose the larger, and found them to be among the most comfortable eyewear that I own. This eyewear also offers a high degree of ballistic protection. Their website contains several messages from users (mostly active military) who report that the Sawfly saved their eyes from damage. It’s always nice to have this degree of protection, even though we all hope we never need it.

Most of the above features can be found in competitors’ products. Here’s something that isn’t so easy to find: The Sawfly-TX features a micro-thin (2.75mm) frame. The significance of this might be subtle, but it’s very important: they fit under earmuffs without compromising the muffs’ ability to seal. This is of immense value for those of us who spend extended time at an indoor (or semi-indoor) shooting range. It’s also useful for when you wish to use hearing protection in the field, as I did on a recent hunt. This feature alone is enough to set the Sawfly-TX apart from its competition.

The Sawfly-TX is sold in a variety of configurations, including the Deluxe Shooters Kit (pictured at top), which includes three colors of lenses, a soft pouch, and a hard protective case with a belt clip (for those of you who don’t have enough things hanging from your belts already). This is effective, usable and affordable eye protection that really works.

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