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Decot Sporting Glasses

Protect your eyes in style.

In a recent article, I wrote that I used to think that the need for hearing protection was overrated in the shooting sports. I used to also think that about eye protection. Last month, however, an incident occurred that changed my mind. While test-firing some handloads, I blew up a revolver. Parts of the cylinder went flying off to the sides (carving holes in the cinderblock lane dividers)…and a shard of case flew straight backwards, hitting my eyewear squarely in the middle of the left lens.

I take eye protection a little more seriously now. Decot Sporting Glasses of Phoenix, AZ, has produced eye protection specifically designed for sportsmen for over 40 years. Their products are well-known to serious shooters – it’s hard to go to a trap meet without seeing their distinctive design on several of the competitors. Decot offers a handful of frame designs, and an almost-bewildering variety of lens colors.

One of the features I like best about the Decot glasses is the removeable/replaceable lenses. Clearly, different circumstances can call for a different lens tint: time of day, time of year, weather and environmental circumstances. With Decot, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one: the lenses easily snap out, and new ones in, providing you the flexibility to choose whatever lenses best suit the occasion.

On the subject of lenses: if you provide Decot with your optometrist’s prescription, they’ll grind lenses to that prescription for you. No need to choose between prescription glasses or sports glasses, when you can have both at once.

Another nice feature of Decot glasses is their spring-loaded temple hinges. The springs allow the glasses to remain snug, while still providing just enough “give” to keep them comfortable. I’m amazed that more manufacturers haven’t copied this Decot feature.

The classic styling of the Decot glasses – large lenses straight out in front of your eyes – makes for excellent field of vision. For people who are often easily distracted by their peripheral vision, though, this is a mixed blessing. Decot provides a pair of side shields to eliminate distractions from the side. I imagine that this feature is especially attractive to trap shooters.

Every pair of Decot glasses come in a hard protective case (with a separate compartment for a second set of lenses), side shields and a cleaning cloth.


Decot’s glasses are stylish, comfortable, versatile and effective. They’re a great investment in protecting your vision, and are highly recommended.

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