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Galati XT Premium Rifle Cases

For when you care.

It’s often amusing to me how some shooters will spend thousands of dollars on a fine rifle, hundreds more on a scope, treat it meticulously on the bench or in the safe, and…when it’s time to head for the range, throw it into a cheap canvas bag and let it take its lumps in the trunk of the car. If we take pride in our guns’ condition, appearance and precision, then it seems logical that we’d want to protect it at all times. This would seem especially true while the gun is being transported, when it’s most vulnerable. To do otherwise is really penny-wise and pound-foolish.

This is why I protect my rifles with Galati cases.

Galati International of Villa Ridge, MO, offers high-quality gun and shooting accessories via their store-front website. While much of their product line has a tactical feel to it, hunters and general shooting enthusiasts can find many useful products. One of their more successful products is their line of ultra-sturdy XT soft rifle cases.

You can tell at first glance that the XT is designed and built with just one thing in mind: protecting what’s inside. From the heavy-weave nylon (called “tactical nylon” by Galati) to the closed-cell foam padding (enabling flotation even with a gun in the case) to the oversized hardware, it’s clear that this case will absorb a lot of abuse while sparing the contents.

Outside, the XT features pockets that close with velcro flaps. While they’re obviously designed for cartridges, the pockets can be used for a lot of other things as well.

There’s also a envelope-style pocket outside. This photo also shows the very rugged nature of the material used in the outside of the case.

This photo points out a few of the features of the XT case. (the white bar at the top of this picture is not part of the case; it’s a piece of PVC pipe I used to hold the case open for the photo.)

  1. double-stitching is used throughout
  2. a softer nylon is used to line the case
  3. the 3″ spine is also padded
  4. an inner flap protects the gun from the zipper
  5. an outer flap protects the zipper from the elements

Everything, down to the carrying strap and handle, is heavy-duty on this case. I expect to personally wear out long before it ever does.


The Galati XT rifle cases, available in a variety of sizes and colors, are attractive, well thought-out and rugged as hell. Nothing short of a hard case (which is often less convenient) will protect your guns better. I would trust the XT for any form of transit short of the commercial airlines – it’s an excellent investment in protecting your valuable firearms.

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