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Effective, safe-to-use gun cleaning chemicals

One of the first things a new shooter will discover is the almost bewildering variety of gun cleaning chemicals on the market. Walk into a gun shop and the shelves holding cleaning stuff are crammed full of different product offerings, each one’s label assuring the customer that it is the very best. Asking people about it doesn’t help much, as everyone seems to have a different favorite, and several good reasons why their choice is the only correct one.

After trying several brands on the market, I have come to the conclusion that there are many fine products available, and that most of the options out there are probably satisfactory for most people’s needs. One product line, though, particularly impressed me. It comes from KG Coatings of Hayward, Wisconsin. KG’s products are amazingly effective and don’t contain the harmful chemicals found in many other cleaners. KG Coatings offers a complete product line, but I’d like to highlight three of their especially impressive products here.

KG-1 Carbon Remover

KG-1 is an ammonia-free, pH-neutral carbon remover. Use of it is quite simple: you just apply some to a patch or brush and run through the bore. Wait about five minutes and flush it. In all but the worst cases this is enough to completely remove all the combustion by-products from the bore of the gun. In some extreme cases, it might be necessary to brush it a bit, or to use a second application, but I have never found this necessary.

My technical consultant, who has been active in the shooting sports for over half a century, has declared KG-1 the hands-down finest carbon remover that he has ever found. Needless to say, it is absolutely all I use anymore.

KG-2 Bore Polish

KG-2 is a fantastic product, but don’t let name fool you. It does much more than simply polish the bore; it is very effective in the removal of copper and lead fouling from the bore. Like KG-1, KG-2 is ammonia-free and gentle to the metal in your barrel. Application is simple: wet a brush with KG-2 and make several slow passes through the bore, then flush.

Use of this product will also improve the condition of the bore of the rifle, by micro-polishing any flaws and imperfections. In addition to improving accuracy, this will make the bore more resistant to future fouling, and therefore easier to clean. I haven’t had a chance to use it on a barrel in poor enough shape to require reconditioning, but I am impressed with how this product has worked for me.

KG-3 Cleaning Solvent and Degreaser

KG-3 is quite possibly my favorite chemical in the garage. It is an aerosol-applied solvent that dries very quickly and leaves no oily residue. It is the ideal barrel/chamber/cylinder flush product that is also environmentally kind, being non-chlorinated and what KG calls “ozone safe.” After I tried a bottle of this, I was so impressed that I bought an entire case. Gun chemical flushing simply could not be easier than with KG-3.

These are only a few of KG’s product offerings. They also make an excellent gun oil, a lubricant made specifically for triggers, a couple of dry lubricants, and even a leather preservative. I’ve found all of their products to be of the highest quality and can heartily recommend them.

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