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Forster Products’ Hollow-Ground Screwdrivers

Finally…a screwdriver that won’t drive you crazy.

After having worked on guns for a short while (not to mention cars and trucks for better than 30 years) I am firmly convinced that mechanical fasteners were put on earth for one reason: to drive me crazy trying to get them off. Especially vexing are straight-blade screws — I’ve stripped more than I can remember, and my subsequent efforts to remove them have ranged from the comical to the downright tragic. Much of this grief, I will admit, has been self-inflicted, but a lot of it has also come from my not having the right drivers for removing those stubborn screws. Until now.

Forster Products is a small manufacturing company in Lanark, Illinois, that specializes in premium gunsmithing and reloading tools. Notable from their product offerings is their hollow-ground screwdrivers that combine high quality with affordable prices. Especially nice is that they’ve taken the trouble to match their screwdriver sizes to popular guns, and this information is available right on their web site. It’s never been easier to find the right screwdriver for safely disassembling your favorite gun, without fear of mangling the old straight-blade screws.

For the unfamiliar, a hollow-ground screwdriver has its blade created by grinding the tip instead of casting or forging it. The result is a tip that fits into the screw slot much more tightly, and applies pressure on a far greater surface area. Stripping a screw head is still possible, but it’s considerably easier to avoid.

Notice the dramatically different profile of the Forster hollow-ground screwdriver (below) as compared to a conventional screwdriver (above). The result is a tight fit on the fastener and a much better chance of escaping without a stripped head.

What I especially like about the Forster screwdrivers are that they’re one-piece, dedicated tools. Most hollow-ground kits include the bits that are magnetically held into a universal handle. They’re much less convenient, and occasionally harder to fit into tight areas. While dedicated hollow-ground screwdrivers can sometimes be very expensive, the Forsters are quite affordable yet very high quality. Life has gotten simpler for me since I got my set of Forsters.

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