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Timney Trigger for the AR-15

A trigger as good as the rest of the rifle.

The AR-15 is truly a wonderful rifle platform. It’s inexpensive, versatile, durable, fun to shoot, and when properly configured, very accurate. If it has a weakness, however, it is that the stock triggers are kind of lousy – they have lots of travel and creep, and can feel kind of spongy. This isn’t too surprising when one remembers the original purpose of its parent gun, the military M16, which was antipersonnel engagements at close range. The M16, moreover, was designed for automatic fire, implying that the trigger was designed to be reliable and little else.

In recent years, however, the AR-15 has become fantastically popular in civilian circles, for applications of target/match shooting, varmint hunting and even big-game hunting (usually with a different cartridge than the original .223 Remington). And these applications demand a better trigger. Enter Timney Triggers of Phoenix, AZ, one of the oldest and most-respected trigger manufacturers in the land. Timney makes triggers for a variety of rifles, and recently has produced models for the AR-15.

First and foremost, a Timney trigger will greatly increase your accuracy. Creep is virtually non-existent, the pull is very short and smooth, and it breaks quite crisply. When I installed mine, the difference was immediately noticeable and profound; my 50 yard groups shrank to the point where I now consider my AR to be my most accurate rifle.

The Timney trigger is also quite easy to install. The trigger/hammer/disconnect and their respective springs are all housed in a CNC-machined aluminum block. The entire assembly drops in and is held in place by the standard trigger and hammer pins. It’s literally a five-minute process.

Timney makes two models for the AR-15: a standard unit, and one with a skeletonized trigger for a bit more “wow” factor. Both can be ordered with multiple pull-weight options, and pin sizes to fit any AR-15 receiver. I’m hard pressed to imagine a single component that has such a dramatic change in an AR’s performance with so little cost and installation effort. I highly recommend one to anyone wishing to improve their AR-15 shooting experience.

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