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The AR-15 world is filled with aftermarket parts of all variety. (Sometimes I think the real reason these guns are so popular is that they lend themselves so well to personalization, with bolt-on accessories such as fore-ends, stocks and grips. And stocks are one of those items on which you can seemingly spend as little or as much as you wish. Truly budget-minded people can find a used milsurp stock on the auction sites for under $10, while the truly upper-end products can rival a match-grade barrel for expense. Clearly toward the latter end of the spectrum, but well worth the investment, are Magpul stocks.

Magpul Industries of Boulder, Colorado is a supplier of high-performance components and accessories to the US Armed Forces and private citizens alike. Begun in 1999 by a former Marine with ample AR-15/M-16 experience and some insight into how to make the rifles better. Magpul’s first product was a simple rubber sleeve to make changing magazines faster and easier in the heat of combat. From this relatively humble beginning, Magpul has expanded into meatier items such as polymer magazines, stocks, grips and other components. In case the above company vignette doesn’t make the point strongly enough, these people take their products very seriously. And nowhere is the brilliance of design and quality of implementation more evident than in their rifle stocks.

The Utility Battle Rifle (UBR) Stock

Magpul’s UBR stock is ideal for those wishing a collapsing buttstock. Due to a clever design, the cheek weld does not move with the rest of the stock, which ensures a reliable head-to-stock fit every time.Features visible in the photo include a compartment for storing small items, and an integral sling loop that looks, well, bulletproof.

The UBR has seven positions with a fulcrum-based locking system for quick, positive adjustments. You sort of have to feel the stock for yourself to appreciate the confidence you’ll have that once a position is selected, the stock isn’t going to move on you.

The UBR has a lot of other thoughtful features that make it a sheer pleasure to use. While most folding stocks seem to find their way onto carbines, for example, the CBR has some counterweights to provide a good feel when mounted on full-length rifles too.

The Precision Rifle/Sniper (PRS) Stock

The Magpul PRS stocks actually represent a small family of models; in addition to the AR-15, stocks are offered especially for the AR-10, the FALs, and the HKG3s. Of course we’re looking at the AR-15 model here.

The salient feature of the PRS is the ability for fast, tool-less adjustments to the cheek rise and the length-of-pull (LOP) in a stock that can withstand the abuse of combat. And not only has Magpul accomplished this, it has done so with elegance and aplomb. The oversized controls work easily and show no tendency to jam or stiffen up. The PRS offers a full 1″ of LOP travel and 0.75″ of cheek riser travel. As this was intended to be a drop-in replacement for the military A2 stock, both adjustments can be set to A2 specifications.

Another nice feature in the PRS is that it’s been given the perfect balance to serve as its own rest for bench/long-range shooting. Try that with an A2 stock. For those desiring a monopod, though, there are Picatinny rails built into the bottom of the stock, just another thoughtful feature that didn’t have to be there.

Magpul always seems to know the right blend of metal, polymer and rubber components to make their products feel super-solid, stay reasonably light and be comfortable to use. The PRS is no exception: it’s built like a brick battleship, has no uncomfortable points of contact, and weighs in less than 2 pounds. It’s hard to imagine a better thought-out stock for bench applications.


As I mentioned above, there are countless choices in the world for aftermarket parts for your AR-15. My philosophy has always been to buy the best you can, to avoid regrets later. Both the Magpul UBR and PRS stocks certainly meet that criteria, and I expect to be using them both for a long time. Recommended.

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  • Mick Carey

    Thanks for the great info. My new DPMS Mini-SASS, 5.56 came with the Magpul Stock and NO directions. I couldn’t figure out how to adjust.
    CWO4 USMC, ret.

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