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LaRue Integrated Bipods

Making a good idea even better.

I’m sure that some readers are already familiar with the excellent rifle bipods that are made by Harris Engineering of Barlow, KY. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Harris has a solid reputation as a supplier of rugged, lightweight and affordable bipods for hunting rifles. They are, simply put, the only bipods I envision using.

Unfortunately, Harris’ bipods are all designed to mount to a sling mount on a traditional hunting rifle stock. This creates a challenge for AR-15 users who would like to mount these bipods to a Picatinny rail. While a number of adapters are perfectly acceptable for this purpose, I greatly prefer the technique implemented by LaRue Tactical of Leander, TX. LaRue Tactical develops a great many products and accessories for the AR-15 platform, all of which deserve a look on their website. Of particular interest to me, however, is their integrated Harris bipod and adapter.

LaRue has taken the guesswork out of mating the bipod to an adapter, and the adapter to a rifle. They offer a complete line of integrated bipod/adapters that provide a positive fit between rifle and bipod.

The real story, however, is the quick-release mount that is featured on their bipods. With no tools (and no great effort), you can mount or unmount the bipod to your rifle in a matter of seconds. This clever bit of engineering uses the side of the rail, rather than the through slots, to secure the bipod, and provides a very solid, dependable fit. No rattles, no looseness, just a feeling that the bipod was designed for the gun (which, of course, it was.)

LaRue offers their bipods in a variety of styles, with different length legs, fixed and swivel bases, and legs with continuous adjustment or discrete notches for a positive setting. These products make bench or prone shooting of the AR a real pleasure, and deserve a place in any AR shooter’s gear bag.

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