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Extending the Life of Tumbling Media

It never hurts to save a few dollars.

After awhile, the media in your brass tumbler will begin to lose its effectiveness. The signs of this are longer tumbling times necessary to clean the brass and/or the brass just not getting really clean and shiny. Many people will see this as a cue to replace their media, and, while this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, a couple of very easy and cheap tips can greatly extend the life of your media.

Eventually, your media will get dirty. (After all, all that carbon the media removes doesn’t just disappear!) To clean your media, you can just toss in an ordinary dryer sheet in with your next load.

To increase the effectiveness of your media, you need a bottle of Nu-Finish car polish. Nu-Finish is a very mild abrasive that will increase the cleaning effectiveness of your media. Drop a capful into your media while the tumbler is running.

Using these tips won’t save you a fortune, but these days, every dollar counts, right? They’ll also reduce your tumbling time and make your brass and nickel cases as bright as new.

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