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Hornady XTP (300 grain)


Caliber .454 Casull
Bullet Composition Copper-jacketed lead
Bullet Style Hollow point
Bullet weight 300 grains

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I received the 300-grain Hornady cartridges fairly late in my testing of this caliber. Based on the positive results I had seen in their 240-grain offering, I had high hopes for this cartridge, though I was concerned that the heavier bullets might pose more of a creep problem. These fears were soon allayed, however, as the 300-grain bullets remained seated remarkably well through the entire battery of testing. Perhaps Hornady found a way to improve upon their crimp technique. Whatever the method, these cartridges simply performed fantastically – creep is minor enough that it can essentially be ignored, and the 300-grain expanders should be enough medicine to handle whatever situation that might arise. This is a winner!

Test Results

Handheld Test – Cartridge #1
Handheld Test – Cartridge #2
Handheld Test – Cartridge #3

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  • oz7com

    I’m looking for a black bear load. What grain, what brand is good. Going to Michigan in June to do some fishing in black bear country. Probably a hog danger also.

  • admin

    Black bear aren’t particularly tough to kill; this Hornady cartridge is more than enough. Unless the hogs in Michigan are especially large, which I doubt, it’s also effective on them, though a hog’s vital organs are small and tougher to hit.

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