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Corbon BCHP


Caliber .454 Casull
Bullet Composition


Bullet Style Bonded core hollow point
Bullet weight 265 grains

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This Cor-bon cartridge faired considerably better than the JSPs. The first test cartridge endured15 firings before failing. The second and third cartridges successfully withstood 24 firings. After the 25th firing, the bullet in the second test cartridge crept past the point where it could chamber. What happened to the third cartridge was a little more unusual: the lead tip of the bullet "lifted" on one side. I have no idea what could have caused this, though I did notice during the testing of these cartridges that the tips of the bullets did seem to be suffering a beating (as evinced by shiny spots in the lead). It remains a mystery what was happening to these bullets. The third test cartridge probably could have chambered in an emergency, but I didn’t wish to damage the test evidence (the tip of the bullet) by trying.

Velocities typically exceeded 1400 fps, which should be more than sufficient for expansion to occur.

Test Results

Test Cartridge #1
Test Cartridge #2
Test Cartridge #3

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