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Speer Gold Dot


Caliber .44 Magnum
Bullet Composition Jacketed lead
Bullet Style Soft point
Bullet weight 270 grains

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Speer Ammunition


The Speer Gold Dot ammunition performed quite satisfactorily in the 329PD, with the bullets withstanding 17, 17 and 22 firings before creeping beyond the .050 threshold. Velocities were fairly consistent, and terminal performance can be expected to be good with a bullet this big.

When examining the velocities of the test cartridges, one must bear in mind that testing continued for a full 25 firings before test cartridge velocity was measured. This is almost certainly the reason that the test cartridge velocities were so much lower.

Test Results

Handheld Test – Cartridge #1
Handheld Test – Cartridge #2
Handheld Test – Cartridge #3

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