Corbon JHP 240


Caliber .44 Magnum
Bullet Composition Jacketed lead
Bullet Style Hollow point
Bullet weight 240 grains

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Corbon Ammunition


The Corbon JHP ammunition with the 240-grain bullet performed beautifully in the 329PD, with both tested bullets withstanding the maxium of 25 firings.

A disturbing event in the testing of this cartridge occurred when we attempted to fire the first test cartridge. The cartridge refused to fire, and it appeared that it was a case of a light hammer strike. Further analysis, however, revealed that the primer had disintegrated during the test. We feel that this could have happened to ammunition from any manufacturer; it just happened to be Corbon’s cartridge when this happened. Nonetheless, this highlights the tremendous beating that ammunition takes while in a cylinder during other firings.

The primer issue notwithstanding, this is a very recommendable cartridge for the 329PD.

Test Results

Handheld Test – Cartridge #1
Handheld Test – Cartridge #2

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  1. I have been experiencing multiple misfires with Buffalo Bore 255gr “low recoil” loads as a result of primers seating deeper as the gun is fired. BB does not admit this is a problem, but that my gun is at fault. I haven’t experienced it with any other brand. Only BB. The loads would start with flush primers, but end with deeply sealted primers.

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