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Buffalo Bore


Caliber .44 Magnum
Bullet Composition Lead
Bullet Style Solid
Bullet weight 255 grains

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Buffalo Bore Ammunition


The Buffalo Bore reduced recoil ammunition was the only product tested that was specifically designed for the 329PD. The results of our shooting test bear out the success of this, as the tested bullets moved only slightly in their cases. Velocity was high, both in the control group cartridges, and (more impressively) in the single recorded test cartridge.

This is a highly recommended choice for 329PD ammunition. It’s expensive, but considering how rarely you are likely to use this gun for its intended purposes, it’s an excellent investment in personal safety.

Test Results

Handheld Test – Cartridge #1
Handheld Test – Cartridge #2
Handheld Test – Cartridge #3

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  • nick thomas

    Great resource for anyone considering this handgun. I am looking into the PD revolvers, and bullets jumping crimp in the lightweight 357 and 44 mag was a primary concern, but this article helped sway me. Thanks a lot!!

  • Greg

    Interesting information. I am considering purchasing the 329, and I had never even heard this had become a concern with light weight revolvers. I have a S&W .357 magnum which I love (lightweight–heavy hitter at close range) and have always shot magnum loads out of it no problems.

    I will go ahead with the purchase, and I’ll be sure to give it a proper diet of Buffalo which was designed with the 329 in mind.


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