A modern guide to guns and hunting


The articles section of ScopedIn will have a variety of information, loosely grouped into a few categories:

  • simple overviews of some facet of the shooting sports. In keeping with the intent of this web site, it is not intended to be definitive or overly-detailed, but should help a novice quickly come up to speed.
  • opinions and outlooks expressed by the editors of ScopedIn. We will try to remain focused on issues related to guns and hunting, but…no promises!
  • non-fiction work, relating an interesting tale about hunting, shooting or related activities. Articles that appear in this section should be mostly factual, though they can be for entertainment.
  • useful hints and tricks that make any aspect of gun operation and ownership more convenient and enjoyable. Don’t expect rocket science here; just handy suggestions to make life a bit easier.
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