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Welcome to ScopedIn, a resource for people who are interested in getting started in the hunting and shooting pastimes. Consider the content in these pages a “first step” in your education on the essentials of hunting. If you’re interested in learning a little about what’s involved in becoming a hunter, we recommend you begin at the Start Here! section.

Though this site is oriented to beginners, we hope that hunters and shooters of all skill levels will find something of value here.

Long-time readers may notice that the addition of content has slowed in recent years. ScopedIn was never intended to be a “blog” or a site that changes all the time. The information here, we hope, has value that merits its being saved. What was true in hunting 5 years ago is true today. Rest assured that, as we find something that is legitimately useful, we will update the site.

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  • Shirley

    Hey I like your header picture. I am just starting to use css and am finding it quite difficult.

    Keep up the good work, your site is crisp and clean very modern.

  • Richard

    I just found your site, and am very impressed! I am always interested in any info on long range shooting. My range is set up for shots to 800 yrds. Any contacts would be appreciated.


  • bikesnguns

    hi all, happy holidays:
    just found ur site, looking to find like minded shooting nuts.
    am located in northern cali, yuba city area,

  • Deer Magnet

    What is the most comfortable rifle sling for a long stalk with a hunting rifle on your back ?

  • admin

    Deer Magnet –

    When walking with a slung rifle, the weight of the rifle is probably at least as big a factor in comfort as the sling itself. That said, any adjustable sling that you can properly tighten to fit you should be OK. I like the Butler Creek neoprene slings with a bit of elastic in them. Happy hunting!

  • oz7com

    I found out of Prescott, AZ to make great holsters. I have a .454 Alaskan holster and versatile chest straps to be excellent. He use to be in Alaska. Reasonable price, nice people.

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